Over the past year, my fiancé and I have been working on a fitness membership site called Simple Workouts Now!  This has been a year in the making. In fact, it was one year ago that Patrick and I headed out to San Diego for a mastermind class with Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne, two amazing business coaches.


We had no idea


We didn’t know exactly what type of program we wanted to offer and no idea how to create a product, but we did know that we had a huge passion for fitness and that we understand the struggles that prevent people from reaching their goals. We also knew that we wanted to create a community that helped people quickly get the results they wanted in the simplest and most efficient way possible.


We failed a few times, and we almost quit, but slowly and consistently, we kept going.


THEN the goal became more clear and we started to close in on what we wanted to put out into the world. This process, it turns out, is similar to a fitness journey! 

The most important key to our journey was that we started even though we were unsure of the end result… and we figured it out along the way!

Today, we are excited to share our creation, Simple Workouts Now with you. Here is what it’s all about!

– New strength training workouts 5 days a week

– Gym focused workouts

– 30-minute sessions

– Less than .60 cents a day

– No contract, cancel at any time

– Created fresh for you so you’ll never get bored

– Simple moves for all levels

– Workout on your schedule 24/7

For more information and a 7-day FREE trial, head to www.simpleworkoutsnow.com.

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