Get Fit With Us!

Your Body is Your Business! I am passionate about helping business-men and-women sharpen their body, mind, and spirit! I have helped thousands of people transform their career and now I’m on a mission to help busy professionals like you reap the body-mind business benefits of fitness, including:

And more!

My personal promise to you is that if you invest in yourself with the time and commitment required, it will not only change your mind but your business-mind as well! We offer five non-intimidating options that emphasize proper techniques and tools to help you achieve your big goals:

Personal Training: After a one-on-one review of your goals and challenges, we’ll pair you with the best trainer for your abilities, personality, workout style, location, and the accomplishments you want to reach. Besides the fact that our trainers are among the industry’s best, what makes this program stand above the others is its flexibility! Whether you want to try another trainer, switch things up for fun, or need to workout in another part of town, you can sign up for another trainer at the same location or another location, and when you arrive, that trainer will be up to speed on you. Currently, we offer trainers in Scottsdale, West Valley, East Valley, and Central Phoenix. Request your free consultation and get started today!

Semi-Private Training: This Personal Training style workout happens in a small group setting with no more than five people. It’s a great way to stay motivated, meet fitness-minded professionals like you, and get more for your workout budget. Currently, we offer Semi-Private sessions in Scottsdale, West Valley, East Valley, and Central Phoenix. Click here to learn how to get started with Semi-Private Training.

Corporate Group Training: Studies show a healthy team is a healthy business! Research has well-established the connection between exercise and productivity, creativity, and overall health… and we can’t think of a better employee perk! Through our Corporate Group Training program, The Fit Professional will bring a one-hour circuit training or yoga class to your corporate headquarters.  Here’s how to get started!

Nutritional Coaching: Do you need a macronutrient-based (macro) eating plan? Or do you have a macro plan that’s not working? Nutritional Coaching is the place to get started or get back on track. If you’re just getting started we will analyze your nutritional needs and then create a customized, flexible dieting plan based on the best macro counts for you. You will receive a seven-day meal plan tailor-made for your needs and goals, including food substitution options for the flexibility you need. If you already have a plan, but it’s not working, we will evaluate your current plan and identify the precise changes that you need to reach your goals. Click here to learn how to get started with Nutritional Coaching today!

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. – Ralph Marston

Get Started with the Get Fit Consultation: In this free, 30-minute phone consultation, I analyze your eating habits, inspirations, fitness goals, lifestyle, and schedule and then recommend the workout and nutritional options best suited for you. Request your free consultation and get started today!


No, I don’t want to get fit.